Likna examines the paid receipt that freed her from imprisonment in a locked patio of a USA-based Nonprofit Hospital in Haiti. Traced photograph with altered facial features (original photograph by China Tolliver)

A reproductive-justice project to abolish hospital prison and reckon with obstetric apartheid

Project Partners

Alissa Jordan, PhD
Center for Experimental Ethnography
Ani* (Pseudonym)
Nurse Midwife
  • Meet Jean-Denis of ADEF

    Meet Jean-Denis Aureleus, founder of ADEF and co-director of the Hospital ≠ Prison Project [Interview in Haitian Creole]. Jean Denis is a Civil Engineer in Haiti and a human rights organizer who shares Carmelle’s vision to end hospital detention in the nation. Nou prezante Jean-Denis Aureleus, fondatè de ADEF epi ko-direkte de Lopital ≠ Prizon […]

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  • Nou pale ak Naomi

     Naomi, yon manman nan Okap, pale sou Whatsapp sou eksperyans pa li kou prizonye andan yon lòpital misyon. Nou chanje non li epi chanje son vwa li pou pwoteje idantite li.

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  • Meet China Tolliver

    China Tolliver is an emerging  photojournalist and human rights activist residing in Denver,CO. China’s passion for activism is rooted in reproductive justice, specifically body autonomy and birth rights. Sharing  stories through photojournalism has created opportunities for China to travel globally and engage in cultural collaborative learning. The biggest asset China brings to a team dynamic […]

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  • The Work of Dr. Abel Ntambue

    English Professor Abel Ntambue is Professor in Epidemiology, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, and Implementation Science at the School of Public Health, University of Lubumbashi. He has conducted formative research on the issue of hospital detention and maternal healthcare barriers in Congo, with his comments available here. Prof. Ntambue has thirteen (13) years of national […]

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