Work of China Tolliver

China Tolliver is a past doula, future midwife, an entrepreneur, a writer, a world traveler, and the founder of Rise Up Midwife.  

She is the co-host of “Birthing Resistance: Stories of Hospital Prison“, and has constructed several English-language social media campaigns against Hospital-Prison in Haitian mission hospitals, after hands-on volunteer experience where she worked with women survivors of hospital detention in the North of Haiti.

She speaks of her experience launching Rise Up Midwife:

“I launched Rise Up Midwife after dedicating many years to a professional career as a birth doula. This time of service ignited a passion for reproductive rights, gender inclusion and equal access to doulas and midwives; specifically in Black, Latinx, Indigenous and LBGTQ+ communities. This time of service was exhausting.  So, I decided to rise up. I decided to become a midwife.  Rise Up Midwife is so much more than a unique line of apparel, its my journey of intention and impact, and I invite you along side me. Follow my narrative on my blog Pushed Out.

You are my doula, we rise together.
On behalf of this creative, activist, bruja.
Rise Up Midwife.”

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