Likna examines the paid receipt that freed her from imprisonment in a locked patio of a USA-based Nonprofit Hospital in Haiti.

A reproductive-justice-based storytelling and research project for abolishing hospital detention

Project Partners

Alissa Jordan, PhD
Center for Experimental Ethnography
Carmelle Moise, RN
Mama Baby Ayiti
  • When Hospitals Become Prisons

    This document presents the research survey portion of the Hospital ≠ Prison project, and is being sculpted into a series of recommendations that are aimed to shape public policy in Haiti concerning the treatment, welfare, and rights of Haitian patients. Abstract This report presents a research update on the collaborative investigation into the hospital detention […]

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    When Hospitals Become Prisons
  • Lè Lopital Tounen Prizon

    Rezim Sa se rechèch nou pou yon efò koloboratif pou etidye detansyon lopital de manman ak tibebe andan lopital ak klinik an Ayiti. Kolaborasyon sa incluye Dr Alissa Jordan, yon pòs-doktora nan Center for Experimental Ethnography (an Kreyol, Sant pou Etnografi Eksperimental) nan University of Pennsylvania (CEE), Jean-Denis Aureleus, Prezidan ak Fondatè di Association De […]

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  • On Being Born

    The time immediately following birth in Haiti is a special time. It is a time when families pull together in intimate circles of care and embrace the new life and a new mother. During the pregnancy, these families have nourished  mothers and the small lives within them, and also been nourished by them. After birthing, […]

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  • Kisa sa Vle Di “Lopital-Prizon?”

    Mwen konnen e pa tout nasans, tout akouchman ki pase konsa an Ayiti. Mwen konnen ke lamize egzite. Mechanste egziste. Men andan lakou manman Ayisyen mwen an, manman adoptif mwen a, ki nan yon zòn andeyo, yon zòn ki pa rich menm, nan tout diz ane ke mwen pase fè ale vini andan peyi a, […]

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